InstructorMahoganey Jones
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DateMay 1, 2019 - Apr 5, 2019
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Break Free From Marketing Overwhelm And Focus Your Time And Energy on Getting Results by Identifying 1 Goal and 1 Focus.


  • Does it feel like you are constantly running new marketing tactics hoping that one of them will work?
  • Are you spending more time trying to “make connections with every #eventprof on social media” than talking to your own family?
  • Does the thought of creating a marketing plan seem REALLY overwhelming?

Discover How to Cut Through The Noise and Get Focused Rapid Results From Your Marketing by following our 5 Step Fast & Focused Results Marketing Method For Your Focused Master Marketing Plan.


Most businesses struggle with marketing because they are under the impression that MORE IS BETTER and try implementing everything they can all at the same time. Doing #allthethings drains your energy and spreads our focus which sucks the life out of us! This in return causes more stress, more frustration, burn out and energy wasted.

Splitting efforts between multiple strategies doesn’t allow the time to focus on ONE CAMPAIGN long enough to see the results.

The reason an EventPreneur is successful in creating a profitable business is because s/he has a clear, focused plan of action. However most business owners jump from one thing to another and have no marketing plan at all. (Truth be told – we are almost all guilty of this especially in our early years in business.)

This is where the Fast & Focused Results Marketing Method comes into play. Its a step by step guide tailored to your specific needs.


This program is designed to increase your marketing effectiveness, bringing you closer to your goals. At the end of the program, you will:

  • Recognize the importance of prioritization and the pitfalls associated with multitasking in your business – including overwork, lack of progress, and poor results
  • Identify the key steps involved in creating a Fast & Focused Marketing Plan that will reduce stress and achieve quick success for one goal at a time
  • Define the essentials that form the foundation for your success, including your core values, your most profitable products and services, your best clients, and your Unique Value Proposition
  • Identify your top-priority marketing goal for your business, based on your biggest challenges and your foundation for success – whether it’s related to sales, lead generation, or brand awareness – or some other challenge that’s been holding you back
  • Select a single marketing strategy to focus on for rapid results in the next 90 days, based on how much you’re willing to spend, what is easiest to implement right away, what you already know works, what you’ve wanted to do for a while, or what is the next level to something that has already been successful
  • Specify the critical elements necessary for successful implementation of the strategy you selected, including top measures you’ll track, resources you’ll need, top tasks to complete, and regular follow-up dates
  • Communicate the top goal, priorities, and responsibilities to members of your team through a written plan and guidelines, to ensure that everyone is informed avoiding overwhelm or distractions by non-essential tasks


What’s Included in the Program?

  • Program Workbook – To walk you through the program
  • Program Action Guide – To help you take action each step of the way
  • Detailed Project Plan Template – A good old-fashioned spreadsheet as project management tool. This detailed project-planning spreadsheet can be used for team communication. Each tab in the spreadsheet corresponds with the major tasks you outline in the course. Therefor break down your plan into more specific action steps and responsibilities.
  • 3 Monthly Accountability Calls to help maintain the focus
  • Slack channel for participants to ask questions and receive answers


Questions? Reach out to Mahoganey at




You are fully protected by our 30- Day Money Back Guarantee. If after completing each module and attending the accountability calls, you don’t feel like you have a fast and focused marketing plan , just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.



Section 1Introduction to the Program
Section 2Module 1 – Define Your Foundation
Section 3Module 2 – Identify Your #1 Marketing Goal
Section 4Module 3 – Choose Your #1 Marketing Strategy
Section 5Module 4 – Define Your Action Plan
Section 6Module 5 – Communicate Team-Wide
Section 7Conclusion & Next Steps

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